Home made gelato


We make our gelato using four basic ingredients: organic milk and cage-free eggs, sugar, and cream. No unpronounceable preservatives or gross stuff here! We use this pure and simple base to make all our creamy gelato creations.

We make our own cookie dough, brownies, pies, and caramel to add a little fun to our gelato. And we couldn’t possibly contaminate our pure and simple bases with any fruit that is not organic! We think you can taste the difference… But, even if you can’t, rest assured you’re not eating any toxic chemicals in our gelato.

We at Wicked West may have a simple and traditional palate when it comes to gelato flavors, therefore tending to favor the simpler flavors. But we realize you may like a crazy combination of concoctions. So, please, do not hesitate to throw a suggestion our way if you’d like us to create a special gelato for us all to try!

Gelato vs. Ice Cream… Is there a difference? There are many different methods and recipes for making ice cream – or “gelato” in Italian… But what we noticed on our trips to Italy was that their churning machines were different. The Italian ice cream machines use a huge compressor to freeze very small batches, using less fat and less air to create a richer, more intensely flavored product. So, after much research, we used this Italian concept to develop what we think is the perfect way to create the best gelato ever. Now you don’t have to travel to Italy for delicious, authentic gelato!

Creations of the Week

Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake, Blackberry Marble, Caramel Toffee, Butter Pecan, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Brownie, S’mores, Lemon Raspberry Sorbet, Dark Chocolate, and… introducing our new creation – Black Cherry Walnut!