We love helping with school events, fundraisers, and other worthy causes. We typically donate 10-20% of all proceeds, depending on the status of the entity.

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Tristan’s Treads

Tristan’s Treads is a non-profit shoe exchange for our community. Tristan first started noticing the importance of shoes when he visited South Africa and saw that most children he met had no shoes, even playing their soccer games in bare feet. Back in the US, he noticed how fast his sister grew and how many of her shoes (and his) went barely used. Tristan started this shoe exchange hoping to make better use of resources and get shoes to people who need them.

Drop off a pair of gently used shoes (not flip flops, please), and get a free scoop of our homemade gelato!

If you drop off 5 pairs of shoes, you can get free menu items, which are listed as the Wicked Shoe Special. Currently the Wicked Shoe Special is a free double order of our ALL IN BBQ Fries!!

If you are in need of shoes, stop by our Ikea Court location any day from 8-11am and choose a pair from our available selection. We currently have some really nice quality shoes (and cleats) to choose from.