About Us

Wicked West Pizza & BBQ is a local, family-owned restaurant in West Sacramento that offers a wholesome and entertaining dining experience for every member of the family. We grew tired of our children asking to go to pizza arcades that were so far away and that didn’t serve the type of food we wanted them to eat. So in November 2010, we decided to open a place ourselves – fun, yet clean and safe, and where we serve the same kind of nourishing, healthy food that we feed our own family.

Wicked West is a place where friends, family, and co-workers can come to enjoy really good food and a really fun time. We couldn’t decide on what to leave out when we envisioned our restaurant, so we included all the things we love made just the way we love them… Pizza made with fresh, crispy, chewy crust… Select cuts of meat barbequed every morning and afternoon… Our favorite salads made with organic romaine (not spring greens!)… The most addictive side dishes that eat as a meal… And gelato made from organic milk and cage-free brown eggs. All our favorite foods under one roof!

For the kids, we had to have an arcade with the best games and prizes… And for us grownups, we needed a choice selection of draft beers and – live music!

We hope that, like everyone in our family, you too will find something special at Wicked West for everyone in your family.