Wicked Parties

Sports Teams, Birthday Parties, Fantasy Drafts. Call now to book a private party room and enjoy arcade fun, live music, and private flat screen TV with DVD.

Music on the Patio


The DEYTRIPPERS every Sunday 4-7pm

The BAYOU BOYS on Saturday July 8th & August 26th 4-7pm

Check out our Call Me, Maybe music video!

DAILY SPECIAL $4.60 Slice & Drink

Wicked West is not your ordinary pizza or BBQ place!

We know how inconvenient it is to eat healthfully. But we realize the importance of doing as much as we possibly can to eat the best food we possibly can.

The healthiest families are the happiest families! We get how important your lives are, and we’re doing our best to serve you the best quality food. To us, that means local, organic, fresh, and home-made.

We at Wicked West are committed to serving the very best we can. Come enjoy our food - and enjoy a healthier feeling after you’re done.

We know you’ll taste the difference.